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We are a collection of voices committed to protecting the rights of sports fans and music lovers to enjoy the best, most convenient and hassle-free event and ticket environment possible. Together, we can take the lead on issues of fairness, ease of access and competition so the marketplace benefits us all.

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Non-Transferable Ticketing

Non-transferable tickets are unfair to customers and limit the options for fans and concertgoers. They have no place in a free and competitive ticket market.

Watch the video to learn more about this unfair policy, or click through to discover more ticketing issues.

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Ever wonder why tickets released to the general public seem to be sold out in minutes? Often, venues and industry players attempt to control supply and limit access by holding back large quantities of tickets for release.

Watch this video to learn more about holdbacks, or click "Learn more" to discover more ticketing issues.

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Our latest hits and possible interference.

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What’s affecting the event and ticket experience for ticket buyers and sellers?

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