About Us

Whether it’s at an arena, stadium, theater or concert hall, all fans walk through the concourse on their way in. The concourse is where attendees gather with enthusiasm before an event starts, and where they leave as a new community of people with a shared experience after it ends.

While StubHub is committed to making the process of obtaining tickets to an event as easy as possible, we know that not all ticket purchasing experiences are positive for fans — particularly during an initial sale. Some aspects are inconvenient, frustrating, restrictive and unfair. That’s why StubHub Concourse was born.


What is Concourse?

StubHub Concourse is a virtual venue where people who care about live entertainment can gather to learn more about the live event and ticket policies that make the fan experience better and easier. It’s also the place where fans can learn about the policies and practices that add hassles, restrictions and costs to the live entertainment experience.

Just like in the concourses of arenas, stadium and theaters, happiness and anger, cheering and griping and information sharing will be both expected and applauded. Fans care! We look forward to empowering fans as they demand a more unencumbered and hassle-free ticket market.


How do we help?

The StubHub Concourse team will monitor and share information on the distinct ticket and event policies that teams, leagues, venues and artists uphold. We will also keep you informed whenever government gets involved in live event and ticket issues. While we hope the news is good — fewer hassles, fan-friendly technology, greater choices and lower prices — we know that some policies and practices will make the fan experience worse.

StubHub Concourse will provide updates on both the good and the bad, and most importantly, we’ll always provide you an opportunity to share your views, just like the fan you are. 

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