August 14, 2017

ABC Radio Warns Summer Concert Fans About White Label Sites

In a recent segment of ABC Radio’s Consumer Talk, host Michael Finney spoke with consumer advocacy group NetChoice about how white label ticket websites are deceiving people across the country hoping to see summer concerts. They discussed how these “fraudulently branded websites” use venue names in their website domains to mislead ticket buyers who are looking for the official venue sites. These white label ticket sites hold no affiliation with the major venues or artists, and yet they occupy a significant portion of online search results. Fans will frequently come across white label sites as they search for tickets using keyword terms as simple as “Hollywood Bowl Tickets” in Google. This happens because the sites bid for search terms in order to appear in higher ranking Google or Bing paid ads than the official venue site. In this segment, Finney and NetChoice further discuss how concertgoers purchase expensive tickets from these sites, only to realize later that they were misled by the domain names or paid ad text that, once clicked, sent them to these white label sites.  

As outlined previously on our blog, StubHub does not work with white label sites, which we believe hurt consumers. If you have bought tickets through a white label site, we’d love to hear from you – just click here to tell us your story.