November 12, 2018

The “Brick-and-Click” Experience

When customers step into our flagship store in Times Square, they often ask us –why exactly does StubHub have a physical location? 

First and foremost, being on the ground in the heart of Manhattan is a great opportunity for StubHub to interact directly with our fans and provide a key service for StubHub users. Our store in NYC is a Last Minute Services, or "LMS” location. It’s a centrally located store front where StubHub users can pick up, drop off, or print tickets for NYC events.

While industry trends see ticketing going more and more toward mobile or “paperless” delivery, there are still many industry players who use traditional “hard stock” tickets, wrist bands, or other tangible passes that cannot be transferred electronically. Often, these tickets are elaborately designed and become valuable keepsakes for fans after the event is over.  

Uniquely, tickets that cannot be transferred through an app or over email present unique delivery challenges. These tickets must travel physical distances to get into the hands of fans and StubHub requires sellers have adequate time for to coordinate such deliveries. StubHub allows physical tickets to be listed for sale up until 3 days prior to the event – unless of course an LMS office is involved!

If sellers choose to send their tickets to an LMS center located in close proximity to the event, StubHub allows tickets to be sold right up until event time. Buyers can stop in and pick up their tickets in person, sometimes within minutes before the start of a game or performance.  Our LMS offices add a level of security and thoroughness to the ticket buying experience while lengthening the lifespan of a ticket listing.

In the US, StubHub facilitates three permanent LMS centers in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. We also have LMS centers in central London. For certain large events we set up pop-up LMS centers as well.

Interacting directly with buyers and sellers allows us the chance to truly flex our customer service muscles, and it’s incredibly rewarding for staff to see fans get the chance to experience the joy of live events in person!