February 8, 2017

eBay Radio Features Fairness in the Ticketing Market

This week, listeners of eBay Radio tuned into a discussion on ticket resale legislation. Show hosts Griff and Lee started the conversation by bemoaning “robot ticket-buying overlords”, also known as the BOTS, before introducing StubHub’s General Counsel, Tod Cohen. Tod, sympathetic to his hosts’ concerns, assured them that BOTS are in check due to recent legislation known as the Better Online Tickets Sales Act (or “BOTS Act”).

According to Tod, this federal legislation was created to keep people from misusing software in order to obtain an unfair allocation of tickets. Last September, Tod testified before a US Senate Committee to support the construction of the BOTS Act and to use the opportunity to educate Congress on anti-competitive ticketing and anti-consumer ticketing practices used by primary ticket providers.

“Our job here at StubHub is to make ticket markets more transparent.”, said Tod, emphasizing the benefits of an open and free ticket market place – a market place that could potentially drive ticket prices down while allowing more people to participate in ecommerce around the world. In Tod’s opinion, this transparency should include full public disclosure about which tickets are available for purchase at the initial point of sale, something our ticketing system does not do today. But perhaps the most important part of the BOTS Act is the inclusion of a study to be conducted by the US General Accountability Office. That study could potentially provide useful data about ticket marketplaces, restrictions and holdbacks, all of which are factors that affect transparency in the ticketing market.

We recommend listening to this informative and entertaining interview and we look forward to future tickets-related discussions on eBay Radio.