October 25, 2017

Fortifying Consumer Protection in New Ontario Legislation

This month, Ontario legislatures released a proposal titled Strengthening Protection for Ontario Consumers Act, which includes regulations for the ticket industry. Under the portion of the legislation devoted to event ticket sales, the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services is trying to ban ticket bots, cap resale prices, and require additional disclosures of ticket reseller. The proposal also requires the primary ticket market to publicly release information on ticket allocations. 

While the stated intention of the legislation is to protect consumers, StubHub believes many of the proposals have the unintended consequence of driving ticket resales off of safe and secure ticket platforms. This result would be a disservice to Ontario consumers. 

StubHub continues to work with policy makers in Ontario, as well as other industry stakeholders, to identify the potentially negative impact some of these proposals may have and look for policy alternatives that protect fans by preserving a competitive ticket market.