May 31, 2016

Fun. It's Serious Business.

StubHub’s mission is simple: help fans find fun. As one of the world’s leading ticket resale marketplaces, StubHub has successfully accomplished that mission since its creation in 2000.

In recent year, the ability of StubHub to fulfill its mission has been complicated by various anti-competitive and anti-consumer practices witnessed in the primary ticket market. Through technology, the terms and conditions put on the initial sale of tickets, and various delivery mechanisms, the primary ticket market has attempted to use its position to control the secondary market as well. The result? Higher prices and limited choice for consumers when it comes to buying and reselling tickets.

StubHub, and its parent company eBay, have been working together to coordinate a comprehensive and proactive campaign to educate federal and state policy makers on those issues in the ticket market that are impacting fans. Through litigation, enforcement outreach, and legislative initiatives, StubHub is working hard to protect the rights of fans everywhere.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Deregulation: StubHub is working to update the law in Massachusetts and Michigan to make the resale of tickets at the market rate legal.

  • Securing a Free and Open Ticket Market: StubHub worked with the State Legislatures of Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, and New York to educate decision makers and promote policies that ensure consumer protections and choice in the ticket market. Notably, New York State’s ticketing statute that requires ticket issuers to give fans a choice to buy transferable tickets was renewed for a 6th year.

  • Protecting Fans: In addition to promoting policy ideas, StubHub worked with policy makers in Illinois and Tennessee to educate them, and ultimately stop legislative proposals, that had a potentially negative impact on fans. Work continues to oppose legislative proposals in New York that may have unintended consequences for StubHub users.

Our efforts go beyond the state capitals and into Washington, DC as well. We will continue to shine a spotlight on those issues impacting our fans and look forward to getting you involved as opportunities arise.