July 31, 2017

Members of Congress Call for FTC Review of Deceptive White Label Ticketing Sites

Last week, StubHub Concourse warned readers about the proliferation of third-party ticket sites in a post called What you Need to Know about ‘White Label’ Ticket Sites. These sites source their ticket inventory and all of their fulfillment services from an affiliated resale marketplace while never disclosing this affiliation to consumers. These sites are advertising schemes designed to manipulate web results and deceive consumers. Last week, U.S. Representatives Tom Marino (R-PA) and Anna Eshoo (D-CA) raised these concerns in a letter to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Reps. Marino and Eshoo have asked the FTC to review white labels’ manipulation of search engine marketing (SEM) results and the use of fraudulent domains that mimic official box offices, teams or artists (often resulting in confusion and frustration from consumers).  As their letter firmly states, “These programs provide no value to consumers and can be highly deceptive.”

StubHub does not work with white label sites. We fully agree with Reps. Marino and Eshoo on the disingenuous nature of white labels and we support their call for further investigations into these anti-consumer practices. As we continue spreading awareness to this issue, we want to hear your voices.  Let us know if you have any stories about interacting with white label sites. You can reach us at government_relations@stubhub.com.

Also, find the letter to the FTC here. We’ll continue sharing updates to this issue on the Concourse blog.  Stay informed by Joining Concourse, or following us on Facebook and Twitter.