October 25, 2019

Michigan Moving Forward with Fan First Legislation

Today, Michigan is one of only six remaining states that have laws in place that put major restrictions on the resale of tickets. The antiquated Michigan Penal Code – adopted in 1931prohibits fans from reselling the tickets they have rightfully purchased in excess of the advertised or printed price without first receiving the written permission of the venue owner.

On October 10th, the Michigan State Senate Committee on Economic and Small Business Development heard testimony on SB 384 & SB 385, a legislative package that would modernize the State’s 88 year old ticket resale law and add in important fan protections that best protect fans in today’s world. StubHub, VIvidSeats, and several consumer groups testified in support of this legislative package that is pro-fan and pro-free market.

At its core, this legislative package does four things;

  1. It updates Michigan’s antiquated ticket resale law by allowing fans to resell the tickets they’ve rightfully purchased at a mutually agreed on price without fear of criminal penalty,

  2. It prohibits the use of BOTs – online software designed to circumvent ticket sale limits,

  3. It prohibits the use of deceptive URLs in ticket website domains and subdomains, and

  4. It regulates the sale of speculative tickets.  

This week, the Senate Economic and Small Business Development Committee unanimously voted to send this legislative package to the Senate Floor. We applaud Senators Tom Barrett and Erika Geiss for acknowledging the important issues in the online ticketing industry and introducing this legislative package on behalf of fans; and thank Chairman Horn and his Committee for supporting this legislation.

We urge the Michigan State Senate to consider this package on the floor and continue to support pro-fan and pro-free market legislation.