October 4, 2018

Michigan Takes Steps to Modernize Ticket Statute and Protect Fans

The Michigan House of Representatives passed legislation this week (House Bill 4224) to modernize its antiquated ticket resale statute and provide important consumer protections to Michigan fans.

Michigan is one of only six states that continues to put major restrictions on the resale of tickets. This week’s action moves to align Michigan with the vast majority of the rest of the country and enables fans to have more control over the tickets they have rightfully purchased.

Most importantly, this legislation is reflective of with what fans want! A recent poll conducted by NetChoice showed that 80% of Michiganders surveyed believe in the notion of “my ticket, my choice,” or the idea that when they purchase a ticket it’s up to them what to do with it. Further, 68% of those surveyed support legislation like House Bill 4224.  

In additional to modernizing the state’s statute, the legislation seeks to add important consumer protections for Michigan fans. Specifically, HB 4224 prohibits the use of deceptive domain and subdomain names in ticket website URLs. It also creates a state-specific prohibition on the use of bots to procure tickets. StubHub fully supports both of these provisions and believes a fair, competitive, and transparent ticket market is best for fans.

This is the third time the Michigan House of Representatives has passed legislation in an effort to modernize its ticket statute. Unfortunately, the Michigan Senate has not allowed for further debate on the proposal.

StubHub strongly encourages the Michigan Senate to support HB 4224 and finally give Michigan fans the protections and choice they deserve in the ticket market.