August 28, 2018

New Jersey Passes Ticket Bill Eliminating Fan Protections

Last Friday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a ticket bill that was pushed through the state legislature without debate or public hearing. While it is being touted as more “consumer friendly” than previous legislation, it actually eliminates several existing provisions that protected consumers:

  • It no longer requires New Jersey venues to offer refunds to fans for tickets they no longer need
  • It no longer prevents artists, their management or venues from holding back more than 5% of tickets to a particular event from the public

While we acknowledge that there are also some good things contained in the bill, the overall legislation is less than fan friendly – and we are not alone in this assessment. For example, with venues no longer required to provide refunds for unneeded tickets, the bill fails to protect a fan’s right to sell their ticket in a free and open market. In short, the bill provides Ticketmaster and venues with the ability to manipulate prices in the most non-transparent manner. StubHub will continue to work with Governor Murphy and the New Jersey state legislature on more fan-friendly solution.