July 3, 2018

The New York Legislature Renews NY Paperless Ticketing Law with Overwhelming Majority

On the last day of session in the New York Legislature, the NY Senate (52-8) and Assembly (105-1) renewed the NY paperless ticketing law with overwhelming majorities. This renewal extends the statute for three additional years – the first multi-year extension since its original adoption in 2010!

Governor Cuomo signed the legislation into law over the weekend. 

The NY paperless ticketing law requires ticket issuers always offer consumers the chance to buy a freely transferable ticket at the point of sale. This provision ensures fans benefit from a free and open secondary ticket market. 

In addition to the existing paperless provision, the legislation included several other reforms such as:

  • Prohibiting the deceptive “white label” practice of using deceptive domain and subdomain names in ticket website URLs;

  • Enhancing disclosures on secondary ticket sales; 

  • Regulating the way prices are displayed for ticket sales;

  • Enhancing penalties against those illegally using bots;

  • Enabling professional sports teams to offer significantly discounted, non-transferable membership passes under very specific circumstances.

As a fan first business, StubHub advocates for pro-consumer legislation that supports a competitive, transparent, and safe ticket market for fans. We are proud to have worked closely with the New York Legislature on this legislative package. The final bill extends this important statute for another three years and takes comprehensive steps to protect New York fans and ensure they benefit from having choice in a free and open ticket market.