September 26, 2016

Paperless Tickets: The Beginning

We'd like to introduce you to a 4-part blog series dedicated to Paperless Tickets. If you're already familiar with them, hopefully we can offer some facts you haven't heard yet. To begin, let's circle back to 2008 when Ticketmaster introduced paperless tickets. At that time, the company emphasized the convenience and exciting technological advances that this new ticketing process would bring to consumers. As implemented at the time, paperless tickets required fans to present the credit card used to purchase the ticket along with a photo ID to enter an event. No actual ticket was ever issued. In fact, Ticketmaster specifically declared that “No tickets will ever exchange hands.” While touted as a convenience for fans, the introduction of this delivery mechanism was actually highly inconvenient for fans that purchased tickets for a large group or on behalf of someone else. Furthermore, it created significant barriers for fans that wanted to resell or give their tickets away.

StubHub stands with our fans and believes consumer choice and convenience are critically important. Over the past decade, restrictions on ticket delivery and resale have often been misrepresented as advances in convenience. Over the next several days, we’ll continue to highlight the paperless ticketing evolution and what it means for fans everywhere.