November 27, 2017

Protecting fans, one ticket at a time:

Laws outlawing BOTS a win-win for entire industry and fans

As long as ticketed events have existed, ticket reselling has been a reality. Whether its trying to get rid of tickets you no longer need or acquire tickets to a hot event, avid fans typically have some experience with the secondary ticket market. Many fans have their own story of buying tickets outside a sold-out event, taking the chance that the transaction is legitimate, and hoping they won’t be turned away at the gate – knowing the whole time that if something goes wrong, there is no recourse to get their money back.

When StubHub came on the scene, fans finally had a safe and secure platform to buy and resell tickets.

We understand that accessing tickets on the primary market can be hard. That’s why we support public policies that prohibit unfair ticket buying practices and encourage transparency for consumers. We also work hard to make sure fans have a secure and safe alternative, like StubHub, to access tickets for their favorite sporting event, concert, or show.

In 2016, StubHub general counsel Tod Cohen testified in front of US Congress in support of President Obama’s BOTS Act. This legislation was signed into law to prevent the use of bots software to unfairly buy tickets and gives industry, consumers, and law enforcement the tools they need to prevent this unfair advantage over the average fan.

At StubHub we continue to aggressively advocate for legislation prohibiting the use of bots that is substantive, comprehensive, and inclusive of a range of issues impacting fans’ access to tickets. Advocating this type of public policy is a great example of how StubHub builds on its reputation as a safe, transparent, and trusted marketplace to buy and sell tickets.

But we don’t stop there. StubHub uses the latest technology to enhance the ticket buying process, making it safe and convenient for fans to buy and sell tickets. From transparent pricing and fees, to our revolutionary FanProtect™ Guarantee which has been the hallmark of our platform since 2007, our objective is simple: Putting fans first.  

We continue to push our promise further. StubHub operates an industry leading Trust and Safety technical platform that successfully helps identify and eliminate fraudulent or illegal activity on our marketplace. While tens of thousands of transactions occur on StubHub every day, far less than 1% of these transactions ever run into an issue.

To put it in perspective, it’s statistically more likely for a starting major league pitcher to throw a no hitter than it is for a StubHub user to not get into an event because of fraud.

We stand behind every ticket listed on our site. Our world class Global Trust and Safety operations team works around the clock to ensure every seller on our platform is legitimate so that you, the fan, worry more about what you’re going to wear to the show than whether or not you’re going to get in. The Trust and Safety team have a long history of partnering with law enforcement to bring bad actors to justice. It’s not easy. StubHub sells one ticket every second and has millions of unique visitors every year.

At StubHub, we recognize that the overall ticket market is not perfect, but technology has ultimately changed things for the better. Fans no longer have to head to the stadium at the last minute and buy tickets from questionable sources with no protections in place. Platforms like StubHub protect customers by guaranteeing every ticket on our site. Trust and Safety is at the heart of what we do.

We will continue to fight for consumer protections and fans’ right to buy and sell tickets on an open and secure market. We will continue to support public policies that prohibit the use of bots to unfairly procure tickets and provide consumers greater insight into the ticket buying process. We will continue to oppose legislation that diverts tickets sales from safe and secure platforms. And most importantly, we will continue to put fans first!

Joseph Asaro, Head of Global Trust at StubHub