May 22, 2017

Protecting sports fans’ ticket resale rights

We have all been there. You’re a season ticket holder and you can’t make an upcoming game because of work commitments, illness or family circumstances. It’s a shame as you really want to support your team, but sometimes life gets in the way.

You don’t want to be left out-of-pocket for the money you have spent to be a season ticket holder. So, what do you do? You could find a friend or family member to go in your place, or you may choose to resell your ticket on the secondary market to give another fan the chance to attend.

At StubHub, we believe that fans should have the right to do what they wish with their season ticket, whether that be to use it, give it away, donate it, or resell it on the platform of their choice.

We do not believe that ticket issuers should limit your freedom and dictate whether or not you can transfer or resell your ticket, especially if you have personal circumstances, such as vacation, family issues, friends’ birthdays, pregnancy or work commitments, which mean that you cannot attend a game. Fundamentally, what you choose to do with the tickets you have purchased should be your choice!

Increasingly, we are seeing sports teams penalize season ticket holders who have resold their tickets by revoking the ability to purchase those tickets again for future seasons. We believe that this trend is not only anti free market, but completely anti-consumer and does not give fans the rights they deserve.

Season ticket holders make a large investment in their team, despite how well or poorly they perform. Depending on the sport, that may include as many as 81 regular season games to attend. The idea that a season ticket holder might want to resell their tickets – either because they cannot attend every game or to recoup some of their initial investment – is not only reasonable, but the practice should be made as convenient as possible to benefit the ticket holder as well as those fans looking to purchase tickets on the secondary market.

StubHub believes a competitive secondary ticket market benefits fans and helps ensures that stadiums are full of fans eager to see their teams play!