April 25, 2018

Restoring trust in the UK online ticket resale industry

By Wayne Grierson, StubHub General Manger for Northern EMEA

You have told us that buying a ticket can be frustrating and the process needs to be clearer. We hear you. This is why have started to make some changes to StubHub.co.uk to provide you with even more information about the tickets you are buying. This is an important step in addressing your concerns and restoring your trust in our industry.

Some of you will remember the way things used to be. You turned up at an event desperate for a ticket and gave cash to a person on the street. There was no trust and no guarantee the ticket was real. Today, even with just an hour to go before show-time, you can go on StubHub and buy the ticket another fan can’t use, confident that if anything goes wrong, we will step in and sort you out.

StubHub is committed to delivering a trusted experience and we have been doing this since we launched in the UK in 2012. We are proud of the fact that seller fraud affects less than 0.01% of tickets sold on our site.

We know there is still room for improvement.

This is why we have been working closely with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to ensure that you have even more information when you buy a ticket. Over the next 9 months, you will see a number of changes on StubHub.co.uk.

In 2015, new rules around ticket resale were introduced regarding the information provided to you when buying a ticket. We made significant changes to our site then and we will use these latest clarifications to go even further. When using our site, you will see some changes such as if the seller has any link to the event organiser and if there are any restrictions on your ticket. We believe that these changes will provide much-needed clarity for the industry and fans. This is an important step in the evolution of our industry.

To date, the focus of regulation has been on resale tickets. But as with any industry, for fans to really benefit from changes, we need to look at every piece of the puzzle. This is important because tickets on StubHub typically account for only 1-2% of a venue’s capacity. At StubHub, our goal is to ensure that freedom, choice and fairness extend across the entire ticketing industry.

In the same way you would buy an airline ticket, book a hotel room, buy a pair of jeans, or sign up to a magazine subscription, with an event ticket, you should be able to change the name on the booking, secure a refund, or give it away as a gift. We believe it is wrong that this is not always possible for event tickets.

Our vision now is that the wider ticketing industry will embrace this principle in the interest of fans. We firmly believe that you should have the right to transfer your tickets, like anything else you buy, and we will fight to protect this right.