July 20, 2017

StubHub Advocacy Team Attends World Ticket Conference

Last week, StubHub Concourse joined several other StubHub teams at the World Ticket Conference in Las Vegas. The World Ticket Conference (WTC) is the annual trade show sponsored by the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB). Ticketing Professionals from all over the world, including brokers, wholesalers, and inventory providers come together to gain perspective and learn how to strengthen their businesses. Vendors providing products and services valuable to the industry, event promoters, online search firms, marketing agencies, media representatives and many other business interests also attend.

StubHub’s Expo Breakout Room on Friday had several areas of focus for WTC attendees to talk with StubHub’s extended leadership team and get an in-depth look at key facets of the StubHub business. The StubHub Concourse booth in the Expo Room gave StubHub sellers the chance to talk to the Government Relations team about legislation and restrictions that affect the secondary ticket market. This also provided our Government Relations team the opportunity to learn from sellers that have faced restrictions that limit their ability to transfer, give away, or resell their tickets.

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