August 16, 2019

StubHub’s Inaugural Live Events Index Reveals British Fans Love US Sports

British fans are falling in love with US sports – according to the first ever StubHub Live Events Index, launched recently.

An analysis of StubHub purchases in the second quarter of 2019 showed that the top five most popular resale events on StubHub for British buyers were for US sporting events held in London.

The top two events of the quarter saw Brits enjoying America’s pastime - baseball!  The MLB London Series in which the Boston Red Sox took on the New York Yankees was our most popular event this Spring..

After baseball, the NFL London games were our next three most popular events on the site. The games, scheduled for October and November, are bringing “American football” back to the UK and British fans are excited. In fact, StubHub’s own fan polling shows that the NFL is now so popular in the UK, that almost half of those polled want an NFL team to be based in the country permanently.

Unsurprisingly, as international franchises continue to come to the UK, the StubHub Live Events Index underscores the popularity of Great Britain as a destination for international travelers.

The UK’s most common “fan countries” – or those countries where fans travelled from to attend a live event within the UK – were:

  • United States
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Spain

As fans travel from across the globe to attend live events in the UK, British businesses are seeing a boost in consumer spending! StubHub’s fan polling found that the average fan spends £390 when they attend a live event. That includes £79 on food and drink, £70 on local shops or club stores, £85 on travel, £89 on accommodations, and £67 on other events within the vicinity.

To put that in context, the O2 Arena in London has a capacity of 20,000 seats. If every seat is taken, we can expect a boost to the local economy of around £7.8 million. These figures reinforce the need for the industry to do all that it can to ensure that venues are full – including facilitating the transparent transferability of tickets.

A healthy, competitive, and secure secondary ticket market will help ensure venues are full and more fans can enjoy the events that they love – including US sports played abroad!