April 12, 2019

Tennessee Passes Bill To Enhance Fan Protections

After it was unanimously approved by both the Tennessee State Senate and House of Representatives, Governor Bill Lee signed into law SB 1176 a bill that will add protections for Tennesseans by regulating the sale of “speculative tickets.”

A speculative ticket listing is when a seller lists a ticket that he or she does not have in their possession, does not have the right to, or does not have a contract to obtain.

 SB 1176, which will come into effect May 19, requires those sellers listing tickets speculatively to inform consumers that their listing is speculative and make certain disclosures, including; an approximate delivery date, the number of tickets grouped together, and when applicable an assigned seating zone, section number, or seat number. Additionally, this law will require the reseller to provide a refund if unsuccessful in securing the tickets.

StubHub applauds Rep. Johnny Garrett, Senator Steven Dickerson, Governor Bill Lee and the entire Tennessee Legislature for addressing this important consumer protection issue and continue to allow fans in The Volunteer State to confidently purchase tickets on the resale market.