January 29, 2019

Ticket Prices for the Big Game Hold Steady, Purchases by Georgia Buyers Increase

2,800 Tickets Available; Get-in price hovers at $2,720

Published January 29, 2019

Five days out from the Big Game! We took a look at the numbers to break down the latest ticket demand trends: 

  • Georgia buyers are purchasing tickets at a faster rate than any other state as the game draws closer. Tickets purchased by buyers grew by nearly 25% since yesterday. The number of tickets purchased by buyers from Georgia now accounts for 9% of all tickets sold.
  • 2,800 tickets currently available for purchase on StubHub.
  • Price to get in is now at $2,720 for Upper End Zone seats.
  • The average ticket price of tickets sold is $4,636 (holding steady).
  • 16 countries outside of the U.S. have purchased a ticket with sales from Brazil continuing to rise at the fastest rate and Mexico leading in international sales.

“Similar to what we saw for the College Football Championships, local buyers in Georgia are getting excited about the opportunity to see a bucket-list event in their backyard,” said Scott Jablonski, General Manager of the NFL Business for StubHub. “There’s been a rapid uptick on StubHub in purchases from the geographies near Atlanta and an early indication that the increase may be significant enough to drive up prices if demand remains at this rate.”

We will continue to post updates daily leading up to Super Sunday. Stay tuned! 

As always, as an authorized ticket resale marketplace of the NFL, StubHub encourages fans to practice safe ticket buying. Follow these tips to get into the Big Game!

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