January 31, 2019


On day two of the Utah State Legislature’s 2019 session, the Senate Business and Labor Committee unanimously passed The Tickets Sales Act S.B.69.

In today’s market, consumers are facing an increasing number of restrictions placed on the tickets they have rightfully purchased. In some instances, these restrictions may prevent them from transferring, giving away, or reselling their tickets altogether. We have also seen ticket issuers taking retaliatory actions against consumers who legally sell their tickets on platforms other than the ones owned, operated, or officially partnered with the event, team, venue or league. Unfortunately, these penalties can include cancelation of the tickets or even full removal from season ticket lists.

This type of behavior is anticompetitive and discriminatory. It unfairly limits consumer choice and competition in the market.

Senate Bill 69 implements some measures that affirm the rights of consumers by:

  1. Requiring ticket issuers to issue freely transferable tickets; and
  2. Prohibiting ticket issuers from penalizing consumers that have chosen to transfer, resell, or give their ticket away or have purchased a resold ticket to an event.

This legislation takes a major step towards protecting Utah consumers and StubHub thanks Senator Deidre Henderson for her leadership on this issue. As the bill moves to the full Senate for consideration, we urge all Senators to vote in favor of Senate Bill 69.

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